Why does my heart go on beating?
Why do these eyes of mine cry?
Don’t they know it’s the end of the world?
It ended when you said goodbye.
- 'End Of The World' - Skeeter Davis
Maybe we have to get a little messed up… before we can step up.

I tried to sever ties and I ended up with wounds to bind

Like you’re pouring salt in my cuts

Y la pobre Caperucita llora:

“Quiero volar, lejos de aquí escapar.
Dime, mi bien, quién me llorará
si me dan alas y echo a volar?
Quiero dormir, no quiero despertar,
quiero ser la lluvia al otro lado del cristal,
quizás alguien me espere en la oscuridad”.

Behaved women rarely make history.
- Marilyn Monroe


Interviewer: You know, you had people in twitter world, when you were on the red carpet and you looked fantastic and somebody had the nerve to talk about your weight. And you’re like you fired right back, you’re not gonna take it. Demi: I did. I think a part of is that like, I’m Irish, Sicilian, and Hispanic and like, I’m a little feisty. Somebody… I don’t know, I just saw a bunch of comments on twitter. And you know, I wasn’t gonna put up with it because it’s a bigger issue. It’s not just me, it’s about all the other young girls. What, I’m supposed to succumb to your ideal image of what thin is? No. I’m gonna stand above that and I’m gonna be who I am and be a rolemodel for these girls. 

dayum shes sicilian.