Me, Luna

PH: Lucia Becchetti

lightweight turned 3 today! (lunalovatic)


Skyscraper (Fragment) - Cover by Luna

So… I finally made a cover of Skyscraper… kind of

I have new glasses….. dont mind my face
I kinda like them
I fell a little ……… #win #fail #lunalovatic
so classy
SUPERNERDS #nerds #yesnerds

i just realized i really like my name i’m proud of it thanks mom and dad

from last night’s show!!!!!

It was such an amazing night, I love what I’m doing, and every battle was worth it!

Today, my little Lola passed away. She was 15 years old, and she was the mother of 25. (including my cat, yes, they were mother and son)

I will always, always love you. Forever. You were not only an amazing pet, but also a daughter, a sister, and most important: a friend.

Lola, i lov eyou, and already miss you,


Cry - Alexx Calise (Cover by Luna)

so.. here’s my cover of “Cry”…. I really like this song………okay bye

Ehhhhhhhhhhh #lunalovatic #masalpedoquebocinadeavion
Lola and Morgana > you #lunalovatic
So, my sister was using my ipod and appearently this is my face while blogging

i need new glasses
We love eachother #lunalovatic