Fans outside Demi’s hotel in Argentina :D (by thereallunatica)

1- Demi waving from the balcony (at 0.21 you can hear me: TE AMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

2- ole ole ole ole. demi demi demi demi lalalalala

3- Give your heart a break
4- Rascacielo
5- Lo que soy
6- Lesbian for Demi. jajajajajaja
7- where the fuck is Demi
8- annoying guy party crasher
9- Demi’s band is coming outside yayy
10- me trying desperately to get an autograph (and failing)
11- Demi’s keyboard player shook my hand  :D:D:D

Demi outside her hotel in Argentina :D